Mulan and I decided to go out for Brunch on a Sunday, we were going to go Noble Rot, but instead decided to try the also newly opened Five and Dime. Five and Dime are opened by the same owners as Five Boroughs and from what I have read, the restaurant is going to change their menu on a regular basis and wants to serve five-star food and service but in a more comfortable environment and on your wallet.

Beef Cheek Egg Benedict


This was something I have not seen on a menu before and as soon as I saw it on the menu, I had to try it.  The dish was presented very nicely. On the bottom were two grilled pieces of bread with a good amount of shredded beef cheeks on them. Also on the dish was an ample amount of mustard hollandaise sauce, two 60 minute cooked eggs, a pickled chilli and pickled cucumber with a good amount of small green leaves as garnish. The dish worked really well. The 60 minute cooked eggs were beautiful, still runny with a glassy appearance to them and when you added them with everything else the dish just worked. The pickles went especially well with the dish.

I was very impressed with Five and Dime. The menu is very original and something you will not really see from anywhere in Wellington. Mulan ordered the Crayfish Omelette, with black garlic, Louisiana mayo and lime and it was also a great dish also. I will definitely be back and will be interested to see what food combinations they create and what will appear in their future menus.

Website; Five and Dime

Facebook; Five and Dime

Address; 245 Cuba Street; Wellington