This place came up on my Facebook feed and their photos on the Facebook page looked very appealing and since I am on break I thought why not give it a try. They are a new company with a new store front in Miramar Shops where they make french patisserie items and decorate cakes.

Custard Croissant


I was surprised to see how crispy the pastry was but was not dry and had a good texture to it inside. On the first bite you could hear the crunch of the croissant. The custard inside was very nice with some brandy or other alcohol in the custard. Overall a very nice pastry and maybe one of the best I have tried in Wellington.



When I bought this, I did not know what I was going to get, but when I looked a bit closer, I discovered that it had chocolate at the bottom. Again the pastry was crisp and had a nice texture in the middle where it was not dry like the custard croissant. The chocolate at the bottom totally made this pastry. Even though I ate the pastry at room temperature the chocolate at the bottom was melted and a manage to get a bit of chocolate around my mouth. I think this may of been their version of a chocolate croissant and I liked this version.

Overall I was impressed with this place. I did not get a coffee and I would be interested to see what their coffee making skills are like. The pastries that I tried really impressed me and will be interesting if they will be able to make a name for themselves.

Facebook; Nicoletta’s Cake Boutique