Winifred and I decided to go to Yum Cha before going to see a movie with the usual crew. I have been to Dragon many times and is the place we go for my larger family Yum Cha lunches. I have not written a review to this place usually as when I go with my family it is first come first serve and if you are slow then you don’t eat and impossible to take photos.

Siu Mai


Known in English as Pork Dumpling or Pork Dim Sim. This was very nice with chunks of pork and chopped mushrooms. The skin that wraps the pork was thin which was a bonus. Also goes well with chilli oil.

Har Gau


In English it is called a Prawn Dim Sum. This dim sum is meant to tell if you are at a good restaurant to eat Yum Cha or not. Here it is nice, their were nice chucks of prawn and I think it also had finely chopped bamboo shots in it. It had a nice crunch to it, but I do wonder how much MSG is in this dim sum though. Also goes well with chilli oil.

Gao Choi Gau


In English it is called  Prawn and Chives Dim Sum. I felt the skins were a bit too thick for this dumpling compared to the Har Gows. The filling  also is lose and slightly crumbles when you take a bite. However, the prawns were nice and with the addition of the chives, it gives it a more earthy flavour.

Fung Chao


Know in English as Phoenix claws or Chicken Feet. This is my favourite dish when I go to Yum Cha. This chicken feet, had a nice flavour of black bean and chilli to them and cooked quite nicely.

Deep Fried Squid


This was cooked very nicely and the skin was very crispy and was served hot and not soggy like other ones I have had at other restaurants. However, I do think they did slightly over cook them. The side sauce was nice of sweet and sour sauce.

Har Cheong Fun


A steamed rice roll with prawns. This dish is always a popular dish with people. The skin was very silky. However, the pieces of prawns were not that big and I think they just cut the prawn in half. It tasted good with a good amount of soy sauce poured on top.

Bo Lo Baau


Baked bread with a crispy coating that makes it look a pineapple, hence the english translation; Pineapple Bun. These were really nice as they were still warm from the oven. Inside was custard, which was very nice. The top was nice and crisp. One of the best Pineapple buns I have had outside of Hong Kong.

I am impressed with Dragon and their Yum Cha this time. The last time I had Yum Cha was in Hong Kong and I do not think you can really compare Hong Kong Yum Cha to Wellington Yum Cha. Wellington is pretty limited in terms of Yum Cha and I think Dragon is generally the best place to go for it. However, Wellington yum cha  can be quite inconsistent and generally the best days to go are in the Weekend when it is more popular. I did not feel Dragon does not use a lot of MSG which is good and the food comes to your table pretty consistently and the variety is good.

Website; Dragons Restaurant 

Address; 25 Tory St, Wellington