Had my 10 weekly catch up with some friends and their kids. We just wanted to go have coffee and decided to go to People’s Coffee Flag Store in Newtown. The main reason was because we could order takeaway and then the kids could run around across the road in the park. I have always liked what People’s Coffee stand for and think their coffee is good.

Flat White

They serve their Flat whites in the small 6oz cup. Their coffee is good, has a good flavour and a good strength to it. It does help that the coffee is served in a small cup compared to the regular sized cup when you order takeaway.

Even though People’s make a good coffee. I am actually torn about this place because of their prices for their coffee and “the extras”. Firstly People’s are always in the paper when it comes to price of coffee and why it increases. I never thought too much about it because my local (Havana on Tory St) has hardly increased their prices and charge $4 for a regular White Flat (takeaway of sit in). Here they charge $4.50 and then 20 cents extra for a takeaway cup, plus it is a smaller sized coffee. I am surprised by the price because People’s roast their own beans. I do not see other roaster charging extra for a take away cup. Not sure if I will go back on a regular basis as I know I can find a cheaper better coffee somewhere else. What are other people’s thoughts or am I just a cheap arse?

Website; People’s Coffee

Address; 12 Constable St, Newtown, Wellington