I was on my way to Melbourne so I decided to use one of my passes to get me into the Koru Lounge in the International Departure Lounge. I have to say this lounge is slightly small and seems rather dated now compared to their other updated lounges like the one in the International Terminal at Auckland Airport. It is hard to find somewhere to charge your devices, not a lot of seating options and no barista serving made to order coffees.

The food was alright. The berry smoothy was nice and came in a small glass. The hot food options was toast, which you made for yourself and also scramble eggs and cheese kransky sausages. The kransky sausage was rather salty, but when eaten with the scramble egg it was easier to eat.The pastries were nice ad there was a selection of bit sized chocolate croissants, cinnamon, berry and apple danish. They’re served warm and quite moorish.


To drink there was a selection of juices, beer and wine, coffee from a coffee machine but not an espresso machine and soft drinks.

The Staff were nice and cleared the tables on a regular basis. I actually thought this lounge would be less packed because Air New Zealand have tightened the criteria on who can enter the lounge, but the place was still full and difficult to get a seat.

Overall this place needs a spruce up, it looks tired. I wonder when Air New Zealand will renovate the place. Also there are not enough power outlets in the place, which it becomes difficult to charge your devices.