I was going to go to Brother Bears for dinner. He asked me to buy a Chinese roast duck for dinner from this place. I have seen this place numerous times walking past but never tried it. So was interested to try as he wanted his duck from here. I went in the afternoon and it was rather quiet but got the meat cut up so it was ready to eat when dinner was ready when Brother Bear‘s young cubs wanted dinner

Roast Duck


This was really nice. It was not over flavoured and the duck was not fatty. The duck went really well with plain rice but I forgot to ask for plum sauce or extra sauce, which was a bit of a shame. It was cut as I would of expected but was great how it came in two plastic counters with leads, not a stylophone container.

Roast Pork


This was also very nice. The skin was still crispy and also was not overpowered in flavour or to salty. The cut of pork was relatively trim and the flavour on it was nice and was good with plain rice, but would of been better with plum sauce

Overall if you are looking for Chinese roast meats I would go to this place in China Town. There seemed to be hardly MSG in their food which is a real bonus. I can see why brother bear asked me to go there to get dinner for us and his young cubs.

Address; 178 Little Bourke St, Melbourne