It was time to go back home to Wellington and I decided to go into the Air New Zealand Koru Lounge in Melbourne Airport. I was actually surprised when I arrived at the lounge as I did not know that the lounge had moved to  a temporary premises as they were renovating their current lounge.

When you walk through the lounge you notice how much room there is compared to the old one and also how much light there was compared to the old lounge. I do understand this is a temporary lounge and unfortunately there was not enough wall plugs again to charge your devices.

I was surprised to see how nice the food actually was. There was tomato soup, which you could have with croutons or deep fried shallots. For  your substantial meal, There was a Waldorf salad with caramelised walnuts, apple, feta and green leaves, chicken drumletts and a vegetarian curry with rice. I was surprised to taste how spicy the curry was and how much flavour there was in it.


Also there was a selection of cheese or camembert, a hard cheese and blue cheese with a selection of crackers.


Finally there were savoury sconces, and a sweet and a savoury muffin. Overall, I was surprised how much food there was on offer.

Drinkwise there was your typical soft drink but from a soda machine which was disappointing as I could not take one onto the plane, beer, wine and numerous different fruit juices. There was also a coffee machine and tea available.

Overall I was actually impressed with this temporary Koru Lounge. Yes, it is not as good as there other lounges, especially their refurbished ones, but it is temporary. Hopefully in the new lounge there is more natural light, room and more power outlets. I am interested to see what the new Koru lounge will look like once it opens. I do wonder when it will be though.