After my friend was still hungry after going to Plum they wanted to try somewhere else. I wanted to try Hideaway so we decided to walk down from Plum and try their burger. I have always liked the food in Hideaway. However, I am not a fan of their being no natural light and during dinner service they really turn down the lights, but it is called Hideawayfor a reason, besides it also being under Plimmer Steps.

Hot Blooded


Preston’s beef patty with On Trays ghost chilli cheese, crispy chicken, fried onion strips and compressed tomato in a housemade black pudding brioche bun.

This burger gets no point for presentation. Basically it is a burger sitting on a plate wrapped in some cooking paper,you have to unwrap the burger to get at it. When you do unwrap it, you do see the meat patty floating on something and the cheese on top of the patty. The patty is nicely cooked and still very pink inside. The ghost chilli sauce has a good kick. the onions were fried nicely and had a good amount of tomato, which I do not think was compressed but just a very thick slice. The housemate place pudding brioche bun was really the standout for me.

One thing that really did disappoint me while I was there, was the fries we ordered were so salty they were really difficult to eat and tired to return them but were just left on a table before I complained again. We also tried to order dessert and to get someones attention but all the staff were just at the bar serving customers. We left without even ordering desserts even though we got menus and waited for 15 minutes. We then had to wait to pay first at the front desk and then we decided that no one was coming so we went to the bar and then there was no staff to be seen as they were floating or in the kitchen. We actually could of left without paying and no one would have noticed. Service was absolutely terrible!

Besides the service, overall a very good burger and definitely one people should try before Wellington on a Plate is over. The patty was really nicely cooked and the chilli kick you get is awesome. Then putting everything in the black pudding bun is just a really good and different burger.  Just be aware the service.

Website; The Hideaway