The Larder; WOAP – Wellington

Buttercup came on my next WOAP Burger adventure. I knew she liked this place and I was interested in trying their burger so I killed two birds with one stone. I was surprised to see how easy it was for us to get a table as usually they are quite busy in the weekend.

Roo Burger


Grilled kangaroo with eucalyptus-smoked beetroot relish, iceberg lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion and black pepper mayonnaise in a Larder wattleseed bun

There were two added options to the burger order besides the beer. You could add provolone cheese by paying a bit extra and you can decide to have shoestring fries of Larder’s hand cut chips. I decided to go with the hand cut fries and pay a bit extra for the provolone cheese. I was surprised to see how tall the burger was and also how many hand cut chips I got. The bun was very nice and fresh and the eucalyptus-smoked beetroot relish was nice as well. The grilled kangaroo meat was nicely cooked, had a very nice flavour and the provolone cheese had melted on top with the onions.

Overall this was an outstanding burger. It completely blew my mind. The combination of the flavours with the fresh lettuce, tomato and the black pepper mayonnaise  worked fantastically well with the kangaroo patty, beetroot and cheese. Then you add the hand cut chips with an aioli that had some black substance in it, it just made a very good accompaniment to the burger.

Ranking of Burgers so far;

10 out of 10; Blows My Mind!
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9 out of 10; Home Run!
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7 out of 10; Alright
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6 or Below; Try Next Time
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