I have heard many good things about Eat Street, they are the original owners of Elements in Lyall Bay, and decided to sell and instead work out of a food truck and sell food around the Wellington area. Also Food trucks are allowed to enter into the WOAP Burger Competition for the first time this year. So I was hitting two birds with this one as well. I decided to try Eat Street at the Food Truck Rally where around 10 of Wellington’s Food Truck setup shop, which was really cool.

The Crusty Crab


Soft shell crab with chilli jam, wasabi mayonnaise, lime marinated cucumber and wild rocket in a Eat Street saffron milk bun

I was actually not surprised on how small the burger was. The burger was not too expensive and when you add seafood to the mix you can generally put two and two together. The soft shall crab was nicely cooked and still had a bit of crunch to it. The chilli jam and wasabi mayonnaise was good as to was the lime marinated cucumber.

The burger as a whole was really good. The chilli jam also had some shrimp paste in it and went really nicely with the crab. Also with the wild rocket was coriander, which surprisingly added a nice touch to the overall burger. A very easy burger to eat and I could eat more than one.