It was getting late and brother bear’s cubs had not eaten yet. He wanted something simple for the kids to eat and that was relatively fast, so we went to Lone Star. I had not been to a Lone Star for a while so I was happy to follow. What we found out was that Lone Star give complimentary drink and dessert for kids which the cubs were happy to have. I on the other hand had something small and relatively light compared to the typical Lone Star meal.

Midnight Nachos

Corn chips topped with our famous spicy bean mix, with your choice of chicken, beef or both. Topped with grilled cheese and finished with salsa, sour cream and jalapeños

This was slightly smaller than I remembered it to be. However, it was still quite large. The chips they make themselves but most probably not on site, but better than the store bought ones. They use more of a bean paste than actually beans and I decided to have beef and chicken on my nachos. There was an alright mix of cheese, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos. Overall not too bad and thank god there was not sweet chili sauce on top.


I also decided to order a side of coleslaw which was really nice. They also add bits of corn and pine nuts into it, which is a nice addition especially the  pine nuts. Overall a good coleslaw with a good amount of mayonnaise.

I use to go to Lone Star quite a bit, but have stopped going as I found out that they actually produce all their food in one mass kitchen and then it gets delivered to the restaurant to assemble and cooked. However, you are guaranteed consistency across all their restaurants and you know the servings are going to be big. I suppose this is what is good about this place and it is good for kids. What I usually order is the banoffee Pie but the cubs were tired and as was I so I decided not to order it. The cubs did however enjoy their one scoop of ice cream dessert with chocolate topping.

Website; Lone Star Restaurant

Address: 14 Brecon St, Queenstown 9300, New Zealand