I decided to go to Rams to have lunch. People have told me about their dumplings and I  thought I would give them a try. During the day they have a lunch special of 15 dumplings for $9.90, which I thought was quite a deal. They also have rice and noodle dishes priced at $9.90 as well.

Dumplings; Pork, Prawn Chives in Chilli Oil


They serve the dumplings in a shallow dish with the dumplings slightly floating in the soup. The soup was rather tart and had some chilli kick to it. However, there was a lot of coriander and spring onions added to the dish. The skin of the dumplings seem house made and had a nice slight chewy texture to it. The filling was not ample but was enough to call them dumplings. The filling did lack in flavour. It had some prawn in it but was overall very disappointing.

I can see why this place is popular, mainly due to the $9.90 lunch menu. However, there is nothing to really rush me back there. The dumplings were overall disappointing and I still left a bit hungry, but will be interesting to see what their other dishes are like. I do wonder though why the word “crazy” is in their restaurant name,

Website; Rams Crazy Restaurant  

Address; 171 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington