Happen to be in Waikanae and had heard about this place previously. The flavours of the pies were interesting that it got my attention. This place is a small little quint bakery but bakes the pies fresh daily on the premises.

Triple B; Beef, Bacon, Blue Vein


First thing I noticed was how the pie came in a foil cup/tray. I have not seen a pie with one for quite some time. I later did discover why bakers hardly use them because the pastry at the bottom does not crisp up like this pie. The top was crisp and had a good thickness to it. but the bottom was soggy and it was hard to eat the pie. The filling however was really nice. There was quite a sweetness to the filling but there was a good amount of pieces of steak. You could see the bacon and you could taste the blue vein. Overall a good pie.

This place is rather interesting. It is located in Waikanae’s outdoor mall and not entirely easy to get a car park. The price of the pies I think are over priced charging $7 per pie. The pie is good but not $7 good.

Website; Siggy’s Pies

Address; 6 Mahara Pl, Waikanae 5036