I have been to Olde Beach numerous times, but surprisingly have never posted about it. It is my go to place to stop when I am stuck in Waikanae for work and need a good coffee or snack. However, this time I went for more of a lunch to try their goods. It is actually now easier to get to from State Highway One due to the new expressway.

Steak and Cheese Pie


This is a dam good pie. The pastry is fluffy on the outside and more of a short pastry in the inside and tasty very nice. The filling is filled with pieces of steak with a good amount of cheese. It has a nice hit of rosemary and other herbs, which gives the pie more on a sweet taste. Overall a very nice pie.

Danish; Pear and Peach


If you are looking for a crispy fluffy danish, this is it. The pastry is really nice and when you bite it, it crunches. It does make a bit of a mess but it is worth it. The danish is filled with a good amount of custard and it is great to have one side with pear and the other with peach. The best of both words.

Bacon & Cheese Sourdough twist


This was for an afternoon snack. The sourdough is really nice and twisted in is strips of bacon and also cheese. Even though it is very nice it can be a bit sore from all the chewing.


Also during my time, I have had their scones provided to me for morning tea. They make a good cheese scone that is filled with cheese and very moist and the date scone is also very good. Which ever scone you decide to have, it is worth it.

Olde Beach also make a good coffee. It is slightly weaker than I am use to because they use beans from a roaster that I am not really use to, but it is good. Overall anything you buy her is great, especially the donuts and when I go in there are always bakers baking goods as they have a consistent flow from local customers. Also they have a veg and herb garden in their court yard which are used in their baking and great to use when the sun is out. This place is well worth the visit and as I said it is easier to get to due to the new expressway.

Website; Olde Beach Bakery

Address; 3 Ono St, Waikanae Beach, Waikanae