Was spending the day with Pepper Potts and her brother Robert. Robert knows I am a coffee drinker and wanted to take me to Atomic in Kingsland, one of his local coffee haunts in the Auckland area. Atomic roast their own coffee and was very interested to taste their roast because Robert keeps mentioning the place.

Flat White


We got the coffees takeaway even though we drunk them there because a table just opened up when we received our coffees. I was really surprised to taste how naturally sweet their coffee was. It was very different to the roast of beans in Wellington. The coffee was not bitter until the very last moment. I had never had a roast of bean like this before. It is a rather light blend and I can definitely taste the difference been an Auckland roast to a Wellington roast if you were going to compare these two.

Cold Brew


I decided to also try their cold brew which they sell in a glass bottle to takeaway. When smelling the coffee you immediately notice how sweet the brew is and smells more like tea than coffee. When I drank it, you immediately taste the summer fruits pass by and then more of a dark body comes into play. I discovered that they used their Guji, Ethiopia single origin roast for the cold brew and had tasting notes of passionfruit, coca and bergamot. These were not as noticeable mainly due to their brewing process. 

I would love to try more roaster’s in Auckland. However, I am here for a short time I only managed to try this place. Overall it was interesting to see how fruity the coffee is here. I do wonder if it because of the the preference of taste for Aucklanders. Service is very good and all staff are very knowledgeable. Robert and as amazed that I just started a conversation with one of the staff and started talking about the cold brew process. Now I know how I think I will give it a try. Also she recommended Kokako as a place to try nitro cold brew which I will need to do when I get back to Auckland.

Address; 420c New N Rd, Kingsland, Auckland

Website; Atomic  Coffee Roasters