Citizen Park is next to Atomic coffee and as we were hungry and Robert loves their nachos there, so we decided to go there for lunch. The set up is pretty cool with the typical indoor section and then a court yard with retractable roof. No one was sitting inside so we decided to join everyone else in the courtyard part.

Texas Caviar 


Black eyed peas wit pico de gallo and fried corn chips

This was alright. The beans were a bit too el dente for me and they were placed on top of the tomato salsa which did make it rather difficult to eat. If you wanted both aspects of the dip it was difficult to get as they were not mixed together. The corn chips were nice though.

Beef Brisket Nachos 


Sour cream, tomato salsa, jalapeños and avocado 

This was a good dish of nachos with a good amount of brisket, jalapeños, tomato salsa, sour cream, cheese and avocado on the corn chips. The brisket is the star of the dish and works so well in the nachos. A great dish.



Cheese curd, skinny chips, burnt brisket ends & pan juices 

This was the dish Pepper Potts ordered, as she loves her cheesy fries. The cheese curd was a nice addition to the poutine and the addition of brisket and the juices from the brisket were a nice addition.

The Wing Factor


Habanero hot sauce, celery and blue cheese

These are the wings I have been craving for since I have left America. I love wings that are deep fried and then covered with hot sauce and here they make them so right. The only thing, I would ask would be to have the blue cheese sauce on the side or have it thicker and have more substance with more blue cheese.

Fish Goujons


Beer battered daily catch & spiced ketchup

This was good. The fish was so fresh and cooked really nicely. The skin was crisp and the fish was flaky. The spiced ketchup was a nice addition and went really well with the fish.

This place was really nice and serves really good American style food with a New Zealand twist. The service was really good and the decor is great. This is a great place to get a feed and maybe I will be back if I visit Auckland again.

Address; 424 New N Rd, Kingsland, Auckland 1021

Website; Citizen Park