Decided to go to Sals for a late night snack. I have heard of them before but never thought to of tried them. I also have heard of them in New York but never went because there were other places that were rated higher on Tripadvisor and other websites. However, this is a New Zealand company that has just bought the rights to use the name in NZ and it was late and I wanted something oily to eat.

Pepperoni Slice


This was really nice when it comes to a New York style slice. It is a rather typical slice as you can use a napkin to soak up the oil from the cheese and pepperioni before eating it. The crust was nice and thin and also not over cooked with the base keeping it’s shape when you fold it in half.

Garlic Knots 


I have never tried anything like this before. I suppose it is an alternative to garlic bread. They use the same dough as the base and have garlic sprinkled on top. Overall they are really nice especially when you dip them in the tomato sauce they give you which is the same they use on their pizza.

Mozzarella Sticks


Robert recommended these and mentioned this at least three times when spending the day with him. So I bought some to try and for him to get his fix. The sticks were nice and crisp and the mozzarella was really stringy and kind of fun to pull apart and see how far you can pull it before it breaks.

Overall this place is pretty good and a good place for a late night snack. Everything was nicely cooked and not dry, which I have had experience with when eating pre-cooked pizza. The marinara tomato sauce is really nice as a dipping sauce. It is a shame though that they serve it cold and would be nicer at room temperature. Will be interesting to see what Sal’s will be like in Wellington. New Yorkers think their pizza is so good because of their water. I will need to try the Wellington eatery when it opens and definitely try their buffalo wings as well. Sal’s overall is a good substitute for NYC pizza but not quite the same.

Address; 265 Queen St, Auckland

Website; Sal’s Authentic New York Pizza