Was wondering around the LUX Light Festival and needed to get something to eat. So decided to try Garuda Truck. I have seen then around Wellington quite a bit at the Vege Market on Chaffers Street and at the Asian Food Night Market. This place had always intrigued me but always wanted to try another food stall, but this night was the night to try them.

Mie Goreng; Chicken


Fried Fresh Noodles, Vegetables, Spices, Sweet Soya Sauce, Crunch Shallots

I was watching this being made and they make this pretty fast. Bascially they have this pre-made mix, which they fry up first, add the noodles, then the cooked meat, vegetables then after which it gets put in the takeaway container with shallots sprinkled on top. Overall it takes up to three minutes to cook. I was pretty impressed.

I ordered he spicy noodles and it was good. It really had a good kick to it.  The dish overall was very good, I did wish there were a few more chunks of chicken but I really liked the shallots on top. I also wish there was a bit more as for $12 I thought it was slightly on the small size. It looks big because they will the container but the container is smaller to the usual ones.

Overall this is was a good mie goreng. The food packed flavour punch and was fast. A very simple but effective menu. A great Food Truck.

Facebook Page; Garuda Truck