It was Buttercups birthday and I decided to take her out for lunch and I had been seeing quite a bit of social media activity regarding this new eatery. Two Grey has replaced Arizona Bar. I have been waiting for the Intercontinental Hotel to change and update this space. They had kept the name Arizona Bar for such a long time even though the hotel had changed it’s name and the space having several refreshes over it’s life time. However, this is the year that they refitted the premises, changed the menu and given it a new name.

The interior looks really modern and and looks completely different to it’s predecessor with internal walls dividing up the dinning spaces. They have also have some nice new lighting fixtures and still had the large open windows and outdoor dinning space Arizona Bar use to have.



Frisée salad. soft egg,  potato crouton & cucumber

As I ordered a side, I decided to go for a lighter main. I was surprised to see how colourful this salad looked when it came to my table. I did not expect this at all. The greens were nice and fresh and had good crunch with the cucumber, thinly sliced radishes and pickled onions. The egg was beautifully cooked and prepared. The potato crouton was a very nice addition and cooked nicely. The dressing was nice and light and smoked salmon tied everything together and made all the elements work very well together.

Kumara Wedges: Sour Cream


These were beautifully cooked and had a nice skin to them. They went really well with the sour cream and had a nice sweetness to them. These were really filling though.

Skinny Fries: Halloumi and Gravy


Buttercup ordered these and were really nice with the halloumi placed on top and the gravy in a side dish. I suppose this is their version of poutine. However, it is very different. The halloumi was nice cooked and the fries went really well with it and the gravy.



Citrus curd, white chocolate gelato & elderflower

Buttercup felt like dessert so we decided to share this one. I was surprised how this was presented and how it was in a large glass, but it still looked very impressed. However, it was hard to share. The dessert was really nice and all the different elements worked well together. The citrus curd was split in half with one side citrus curd and the other citrus curd with blueberries. There were a nice amount of blueberries and in the middle was the while chocolate gelato with some lemon rind and mint. Overall a very nice dessert but very filling.

Flat White with Coconut Milk


I saw a lot of people gramming this and talking about in on social media, so I had to give it a try. They use Supreme Coffee beans here. When the coffee arrived I could not smell any difference to a regular Flat White. The espresso aspect was nice and strong and the coconut milk just floats above the coffee and takes away some of the bitterness and adds sweetens to the drink. A great combination and works really well.

Overall I was very impressed with this place. The food was good and as was the service. It is a good addition to the Intercontinental Hotel dinning options and it seems that a lot of Wellingtonians are already visiting this place and not just people staying at the hotel. I was not sad to see Arizona gone and this is a great replacement.

Website: Two Greys Bar and Brasserie 

Address; Corner of Featherston and Grey Street, Wellington