Betty Boop wanted to show off her local cafe. I have never eaten at Aro Cafe, mainly because it is difficult to find parking. I have never thought to give Aro Cafe a try but Betty Boop swore black and blue that I should give it a try. When I arrived I was surprised to see how busy the place was, so maybe I had misjudged this place, but it was still difficult to find a car park.

Buttermilk Hotcakes with Poached Feijois, Mascarpone and Maple Syrup


Betty Boop told me that this is the dish I had to try so of course I decided to try it. This dish looked really appetising after waiting 25 minutes, as that is how long it takes to cook. I was surprised to see how many pieces of feijois were on the dish. I was also surprised to see that there were three pieces of cut hotcakes and that they were cut in quarters, so I wondered where the fourth quarter was.

The poached feijois were really nice and the hot cakes were nice and light with a bit of a crunch on the edges. The mascarpone worked really well with the hotcakes and who does not like maple syrup. Overall this was a really great dish. However, the mascarpone was quite rich and did become slightly sickly after a while.

Flat White


I did not know that Aro Cafe roasted their own coffee. When it came to the table it was great to see how dark the coffee was. The milk was good and of a nice consistency. Overall a really good coffee.

I was really impressed with this place. The service was good, the food came in good time and was really nice. I can see why this place gets so busy. I especially liked their coffee and the food in their cabinet looked really good. I will be back and hopefully next time it will be easier to find a carpark.

Website: Aro Cafe

Address: 90 Aro St, Aro Valley, Wellington