It was MacGyver’s Birthday so I decided to take him out for dinner.  It was kind of a man date at a rather romantic setting but was great to catchup with an old friend and have good food at the same time. I decided to take him here for his birthday. I had been here a few years ago and was excited to go back as I had such a good dinning experience before. We were seated downstairs and in front of the kitchen and it was a great view to see the kitchen in action.

Ramerino in culo


When I discovered what this dish was, I was excited to give it a try. A Beef Tartare lightly grilled with rosemary. It was great to see a dish like this and presented as so. I am a real fan of beef tartare. The beef was nicely seasoned with pepper and olive oil. However, the salt was slightly heavy handed. A nice extra element was the lemon and squirting it on top was a fantastic addition. Overall a fantastic dish.

Il Caciucco


A seafood stew/soup. I saw this from the lady across from me and decided to order it. There were two pieces of grilled fish with mussels, (octopus) tentacles, calms (pippis) and a prawn. The grilled fish was really nice and nicely cooked, but again slightly over seasoned with salt. The mussels and calms were nicely cooked. However, the prawn was slightly old and floury in texture. The soup/stew was really nice and had a nice white wine flavour and packed a lot of punch. It was great dipping into it with the bread. Besides the prawn a lovely dish.

Pici al Ragu Toscano 

MacGayver ordered this dish. Handmade thickly rolled pasta with beef and pork mince with tomato sauce. I manage to try some and this was a truly fantastic dish. So simple but so effective.

Gorgonzola Panna Cotta with Figs and Walnuts


I decided to go for something different for dessert. I did have food envy when MacGayver’s dessert came to the table as he ordered the Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream. However, when I tasted mine, this was a truly great dessert.  The panna cotta was smooth and creamy, the crunch from the toasted walnuts and the figs made this dessert a pleasure to eat.

Overall yet another great dinning experience a Cicio Cacio Osteria. The service was fantastic and was great to see the menu in Italian and the servers translating the menu for you. This is one of the only restaurants where you still get free bread. We ended up having two servings, one at the beginning and another one I ordered when my seafood dish arrived. MacGayver was very pleased to come here for dinner. I originally wanted the Bistecca alla Fioentina. However, MacGayver had went to Cicio Cacio Osteria sister restaurant Franziska, the previous night where he ordered the steak. He did not want steak two nights in a row. So I will need to go back one day and give it a try.

Previous Visit: May 2015

Facebook Page: Cicio Cacio Osteria

Address: 167 Riddiford Street, behind Moon Bar, Newtown, Wellington