Was doing some shopping in Moore Wilsons and Dutchy’s Burger Joint were in one of the Food Pods. Pepper Potts had told me about these guys last week and I was interested to give them a try. The conversation came up regarding them because someone at work asked me who now makes the best burger in Wellington. I literally had no idea anymore sense Nanny’s Food Truck had left the scene and Pepper Potts suggested them.

Chook Norris


Crumbed free range chicken, raspberry and caramelised onion jam, streak bacon, camembert and organic greens. 

The burger bun was grilled on both sides. The chicken was a piece of breast meat and was nicely cooked with good seasoning and nicely crumbled. The jam added a sweetness to the burger, the camembert added a nice savoury aspect to the burger, with this crisp greens.

Dutchy’s make a good burger and I would be interested in trying their other burgers, although they only had three options available in the Food pod. Also I was slightly surprised to see the pricing of all their products and thought that they could be cheaper by one to two dollars. After eating the burger I was still hungry and ended up buying some more food at Moore Wilson Fresh. I have found out that Dutchy’s are usually based in Kapiti, their usual meal looks very appetising and they use a grill to cook their meat patties.  I look forward to trying them again one day.

Facebook Page; Dutchy’s Burger Joint