Here is the next venture by the Bresolin Brothers and Tom Kirton. A place that basically serves Fried Chicken. As soon as I saw this on their social media outlets I was rather surprised but also excited. Lucky shares the same building as Tommy Millions in Courtney Place, but next door in the old cutout where Gentlemen’s Beans was roasted. I tried Lucky during their soft opening, the menu was rather limited, but it worked. I was slightly disappointing that there were not making pieces of Fried Chicken, but boneless pieces to put inside burgers and make as bites. There is not a lot of space in the cutout but enough for a deep fryer and a bench to make the products. Maybe they will be serving pieces of chicken in the future.



Fried Chicken Burger w Slaw, Pickles & Lucky Sauce

The bun was toasted inside and for $11 for a burger. You can also go for the double chicken option for $16. The chicken was nicely cooked and was lightly deep fried with the coating being soft and fluffy. The pickles and slaw (more like lettuce) were a really nice addition. The lucky sauce was very good and had a good kick to it with a good amount inside the burger.



Popcorn Chicken, w Pickles and Lucky Sauce

This was the same fried chicken that was in the burger. Again the chicken was nicely cooked, the pickles and lucky sauce was good. You could taste more of the chicken here. The seasoning was very nice and actually tasted a bit like KFC, but different. The only downside to this was the lack of Lucky Sauce.

I think the Bresolins and Kirton. have another winning venture here. The menu is simple and requires very little variation in the ingredients they use. I do like their Fried Chicken. The seasoning is good but I would like a bit more of a crunch to the chicken. The food comes out pretty fast and I hope one day they do sell just pieces of chicken. Also it is a good cheap alternative of quality food.

OK, I have reviewed quite a few places that serve Fried Chicken in Wellington recently. I do prefer the the Korean style better in Wellington purely because of the crunch of the skin. Where do you think is the best place for Fried Chicken in Wellington? Let me know.

Address (Tommy Millions); 101/103 Courtenay Pl, Te Aro, Wellington