Decided to buy a V60 for home. I have a couple of coffee brewing devices but I have seemed to have gone away from like the Gold filter. I did a comparison recently and did favour the v60 due to it being able to keep all the ground coffee inside the filter and tasting cleaner.

I decided to head to Supreme Coffee in Midland Park to buy my v60 and also ended up trying La Playa and really liked it so ended up buying some of it to take home and brew in my new v60.


Version 2

My interpretation of the flavours I tasted in the coffee was so. It had a rounded flavour and a dense / dark sweetness. Not the fruity sweetness like summer fruits, but more like dark chocolate. It had hints of citrus floating around and the flavours were more at the front of the tongue not the back.

On the Tasting card. Supreme Coffee explained it to be a silky smooth body that plays the fields. Hence the name La Playa with Cedar, Green Plum and Grapefruit notes.


I really do like this roast, but discovered when buying it that they cannot source anymore and that they are roasting their last batch. A real shame as I really like this and ticks all my boxes. Overall I am surprised I like this one as I generally do not like the sweet roasters, but this one also had a nice dark body to it. Would really be interested to see what this one taste like as a cold brew.

Website: Supreme Coffee

Address: 31 Waring Taylor St, Wellington