Was in town for work and I was looking for a quick lunch. I was originally going to go to the Food Court in the State Insurance Building. However, my colleague and I were walking in Civic Square and she suggested we go to Nikau. We only had 30 minutes, I was a bit apprehensive, but I just went with the flow. I thought if we both went for a light lunch then we would have time to eat our food.

Panfried Halloumi, Lemon and Grilled Bread


I was not that hungry due to things involving work and was not that hungry, but I thought I should eat something because I had not eaten anything in the morning. So I went with something simple. When it arrived, I was impressed on how simple and effective the dish was. It was exactly, what I needed/wanted. There was a good amount of lemon, nice thick pieces of halloumi, nice amount of bread and a good drenching of olive oil. Everything was fresh, simple and worked well. I especially loved the olive oil.

My colleague ordered the; kaikoura cheese’s love and fury, pear, hazelnut and radicchio salad. It looked amazing and she was really impressed with the dish. The food came out quickly and the overall service was great. It was not too busy but was still humming. I recommend this place if you want something fast. I do wish though that I did order their Kedgeree as it is an amazing dish.

Previous Visit: Nov 2015

Website: Nikau Cafe

Address: Wellington City Art Gallery Civic Square 101 Wakefield St, Te Aro, Wellington