I drive past this place every time I go to work. It is obvious that there is a Chinese restaurant there but I always did wonder what it was like and how many people actually go there to eat. So what popped into my inbox? A Grabone voucher to try this place out for Yum Cha. I never actually did any online research regarding this place before I bought the voucher and I wish I did because the ratings are not great. However, I thought I would try it myself and write about it.

Prawn Dumplings


This looked really nice and tasted not too bad. They were a good size and had a good amount of prawns inside. Not a bad prawn dumpling but not the best I have had in Wellington either.

Prawn and Chive Dumpling


Surprising only three of these in a dish. These had a good taste to them and had roughly one chunk of prawn in each dumpling. The chives were a nice addition but I think the dumpling was frozen before it was served.

Pork Dumpling


These were not great. There were a bit leathery and chewing. The filling was made from pork mince than finely chopped up pieces of mince. It tasted alright but the texture was not great and definitely frozen before served.

Chicken and Pork Glutinous Rice


I was surprised to see how small this was as you usually get twice as much from other Chinese restaurants and pay the same price. It was not well seasoned and was rather plain. There was one small piece of chicken and two pieces of BBQ pork. A real disappointment.

Steam Custard Bun


These did not look very attractive. However, they were not too bad. The bun was over steamed hence the uneven skin. The filling was nice and not too sweet.

This place was not too bad but not fantastic and I will not be going back. The problem is the price you pay and the amount you get. You would get a better deal and better quality food from a Chinese Restaurant in the Courtney Place area. The decor is terrible also the bowls and plates they use are from Uncle Chan’s a Restaurant that was in Wellington from the 1990’s. One bonus about the place is that I do not think they use MSG in their food.

Website: Hong Kee Restaurant 

Address: 27/39 Arthur St, Te Aro, Wellington