Was reading an article from Concrete Playground about the Best Fried Chicken in Wellington. It named a few places that surprised me like Five Boroughs, some places that I had never tried before and some places that were not mentioned like Orpheus and Oriental Blues. I decided to give Mrs Kim’s Korean Kitchen a try. The decor is very simple but clean and there are many typical Korean dishes to try.

Kimchi Pancake


Korean Style Kimchi and Vegetable Pancake

This was a nice pancake. The pancake was thin but crisp, especially at the edges. In the pancake were bits of cabbage, carrot and spring onions. I really liked this pancake and the dipping sauce which I suspect was sweet soy sauce was really nice. I did think it was going to be a bit spicier because of the kimchi but it was still nice.

Mrs K Friend Chicken


Unfortunately, I had to spend 10 minutes playing with my food before I could eat it, as I suspected there was chopped up peanuts sprinkled on the chicken. After slow and careful work with some chopsticks and fork, I managed to get rid of all evidence of peanuts.  That aside, these deep fried Korean chicken wings were fantastic. They had so much flavour in them and had a good kick to them I was wanting more. The skin was crispy and the coating was messy but I did not care. Yummy!

Jaap Chae


Pan-Fried Glass Noodles and Vegetable with Sweet Soy Sauce with Bulgogi Beef

I do love the dish Jaap Chae and excited to try their version of the dish. The Bulgogi beef was nicely seasoned and tender. The vegetables were fresh and had some crunch to them. The noodle were good and the sauce combined all the different parts together really well.


Generally, all the main dishes come with sides and rice.  The kimchi was nice and spicy with a slight pickle taste to it. Then my favourite Korean side dish the potatoes. They were nicely cooked and had a nice sweetness to it.

I really like this place. All of the dishes were good and were well seasoned. I do love the side dishes you get when you eat Korean food and there was no objections here. The Korean Fried Chicken was really good (besides the peanuts). The food comes out fast and has a few discounted dishes if you go there for lunch.

Facebook Page;  Mrs Kim’s Korean Kitchen

Address; 89 Ghuznee St, Te Aro, Wellington