Walked past this place a few times and realised it shares the same name as another Japanese restaurant that used to be on Featherstone Street and before that on Wakefield Street. I did wonder if it has an association with the old place. This place offers freshly made sushi in a cabinet and also offers hot food with either rice of noodles like udon or ramen.

Chicken Karaage on Rice


The contents of the bowl were prepared in front of you with the rice from a rice warmer/cooker. The salad placed on top, then the chicken karaage which was sitting in a Bain Marie and then cut in pieces.  Finally, sauces are then placed on top and ready to be eaten. The bowl is very nice, the karaage was freshly cooked and had a good crunch. The Japanese mayonnaise and teriyaki added a great flavour. The salad was also fresh and combining all elements together this was a great quick lunch.

Overall this place is great for a cheap lunch. My bowl was $8.50 for a large bowl and was quick to prepare. I was overly impressed with this place and will be back for a good value eat.

Address; 133 Lambton Quay, Wellington