I have only just heard about Rich Coffee Roasters. A small roastery in Newtown, which has been around for two years. The roastery is only open on a Saturday and has a limited amount of roasters on offer and it looks like they change their roasts on a regular basis.

I just decided to visit them and kind of walked into a cupping and was asked if I wanted to join. I couldn’t say no and ended trying there different roasts. It was very interesting tasting their different beans and discussing tasting notes and brew techniques.

I got to meet Cam one of the owners and was great just shooting the shit with him about coffee, grounds and the different brewing techniques like v60, chemex, and cold brew. Cam knows his stuff.  If you are a bit of a coffee geek like me. Go visit this place.

Address: 369 Adelaide Rd, Newtown, Wellington

Website: Rich Coffee Roasters