Mulan suggested that I should give this place a try. It has taken me a while but I finally got there as none of the Food Pop-ups at Moore Wilsons interest me this week. The Wagon is weirdly located upstairs in the carpark., but there is some seating which is an advantage and covered.

Buttermilk Fried Chook Burger


For $10 this burger is well priced. The bun is of good size, there is lots of sauce and there is a very good amount of lettuce. The burger is quite hard to eat due to the contents inside, however, when you bite into it, you get a good crunch sound. The bun is fresh. The chicken is nicely cooked and has a good crunchy coating. The sauce is really good and has a good spice to it, and I was surprised to find gherkins in the burger that added a nice pickle taste to the burger.

I was very surprised to find such a good burger here and I can see why there were quite a few people waiting for their burgers. It took 25 minutes to get my burger, but they said that they had sold out and needed to go downstairs to get some chicken. I also discovered that they make a Peking duck on a Friday and I would be very interested to try it. Also, an added bonus, if you are shopping downstairs you can give them a call before hand and collect it once it is ready.

Address; Upstairs Carpark corner College & Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington

Website: Chook Wagon