Finally had the opportunity with a mate (B2) to finally to go to Flight Coffee Hanger to try their unique coffee menu. We have been meaning to go for about a year but have never managed to do so. His wife (B2) also came for the ride and was great to catch up with them without their little one in tow.

In regards to their unique coffee menu. They have different options on how you can sample their coffees You can sample the same roast but in different brewing techniques or you can also try three different roasts all brewed the same way.

Coffee 3 Way


1 Coffee Served as Espresso, F/W & Cold Drip

I decided to try one roast (La Bonanza) but served/brew in three different ways. It was interesting to taste how different the beans can be when brewed in a different way. They still had the same tasting notes, but one or two tasting notes were more evident depending on how the bean was brewed. With the La Bonanza bean, I definitely preferred the cold brew compared to the espresso and flat white.


Hurbed Crusted Halloumi Fries, Spicy Tomato Relish


I love myself some halloumi and thinking about it being crumbed and then deep fried, I had to try it. These were good and there were lots of them. They were crunchy on the outside and soft and warm on the inside. The texture is different to pan fried halloumi where it is less chewy. The tomato relish also went really well with the halloumi.

Fries, Bacon, Melted Cheese, Mustard Aioli

B1 and B2 ordered these and they were good. The Fries were made on site and had the skins still on them. They had a good ratio of cheese, bacon to fries and the mustard aioli tied it all together.

Overall I can see why this place is humming. We went in the afternoon to have a few snacks and have a coffee. The food here is great and although I do like their coffee menu, I am not really a fan on their roasts. I have been here a few times to just get a coffee and it is not quite my liking. However, I will be back to try their full menu.


Website: The Flight Coffee Hanger

Address: 119 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington