I have seen this Food Truck around Wellington but not very often and usually during special events like Newtown Festival and WOAP Food Truck Rally. After doing some research, I have discovered they are from Palmerston North and come to Wellington to take advantage of its events.

Hasting’s Wagyu Beef Burger


A good looking burger, with wagyu beef, cheese, bacon, onions, lettuce, pickles and mayo. The bun was grilled and tasted really nice and fresh. The patty was good and very generous with its other elements.  The onions were sweet and it had a good amount of mayonnaise. Overall a great burger.

Chicken Nuggets


These are not your typical chicken nuggets from McDonald’s or Burger King. These were made from chicken thigh pieces, coated with a skin and then deep-fried. Besides the over seasoning of salt flakes, these chicken pieces were really good. A crunchy skin and nicely cooked. Also, the aioli was really good.

Banoffee Doughnut


These looked really nice. They were fresh and cooked nicely. The real shame of this was they use mock cream. This doughnut would have been so much better if they used real cream.

Overall this is a very good Food Truck. Also, they are really well priced as you are paying Palmerston North prices not Wellington prices. The burger and nuggets were good. However, the doughnuts were alright. I will definitely have them again if they come back to Wellington and I see them.

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