This place has blown up because of Scarlett Johansson and her claiming that this place has the best Chocolate cake. I have been here before but have never tried their chocolate cake, but have said that this place has a very good Milkshake/ Thickshake. Also, their baking goods do look very good. I have been here twice to write this post.

Caramel Slice


This is the mother of all Caramel slices. I saw it and had to give it a try. This has so much caramel and so little chocolate. Yum yum yum. The caramel was not too sweet and the amount of caramel was perfect. The base was rock solid and had coconut in it. This caramel slice was the best I have had, but it is very hard to eat the whole thing.

Chocolate Cake


Looking at the cake as a whole it is a well decorated/made chocolate cake. It is quite a tall cake with four layers. You get quite a thin looking slice of cake but do not let that deceive you. The cake overall is really good. The cake is moist and the icing is quite rich and dense. With the icing, there is also raspberries between each layer. However, if you are eating the cake by yourself you will struggle and most probably not finish it. This cake is very good but it is very rich.

Pecan Pie/Slice


Surprisingly this is not as sweet as I thought it would be. It had a nice caramel taste and was well rounded in terms of the savouriness from the roasted pecans to the sweetness of the filling. The biscuit base was nice, but slightly too thick for my liking and be careful if you get an end piece as you maybe visiting a dentist afterwards due to the filling being more like toffee.

Chocolate Thickshake


I have come up with the conclusion that this place makes the best thickshakes in Wellington. It has the right amount of flavouring, it is thick and creamy. Such a great thickshake.

Flat White

Was not a bad Flat White but not the best. I needed to buy this because of the Chocolate Cake. Was quite milky and not enough coffee grind to make a good shot of espresso.

For a very little shop, this place punches above its weight. The slight problem about this place is that there are not many seats, but the food they offer is great. On my previous visit, I had their halloumi sandwich and it is great, the milkshakes are legendary and the sweet stuff is great. They also sell their milk and cheese products. Well worth a visit.

Previous Visit: April 2016

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Address; 149 Randwick Rd, Moera, Lower Hutt