Had the opportunity to head out to dinner with some workmates and we were around Eat Street. We did some wondering and ended up at India Star. It was rated highly on Tripadvisor and had some local awards that made us decide to go to this Indian Restuarant and not others in the area. The menu is extensive as expected but was surprised to get free papadums for the table, which were nicely cooked as a starter.

Chicken Korma


Northern Indian Style Curry Boneless Chicken Breast Cooked in Creamy Cashew Nut Gravy Garnished with Sliced Almonds

I decided to go for medium spice in the korma and was hotter than I expected which was a great surprise. The sauce was nicely seasoned, had a nice thickness and combination of spices and other ingredients. The Chicken was nicely cooked with good big pieces. Overall a good curry, but would have liked slightly more sliced almonds to add some crunch texture into the curry.

Plain Garlic Naan


Plain Flour Bread Garnished with Garlic, Coriander and Butter 

The garlic naan was really nice. The naan was thin in places and had a nice crunch to it, with some other parts nice and chewy due to the thickness of parts. A good amount of garlic and also butter.

Overall a good place for a curry. Did manage to try some butter chicken and that was nice as well. Was good to get some free papadoms. Also, the basmati rice that we ordered was nice as well. The service was good and we decided to eat in the covered courtyard of Eat Street.  Eat Street is a good addition to Rotorua. We did originally try to go to the Thursday Night Market. However, it was cancelled because of the weather.

Address: 1118 Tutanekai St, Rotorua

Website: Indian Star