To celebrate the end of year and summer my workmates decided to go Cafe Villa. I have been a few times with B1 B2 but for only afternoon tea. This was the first time I decided to go and try something from the menu. This is an order at the counter first, then find a seat. We were a table of eight and our food come out reasonably fast.

Beef Burger


Prime beef patty with caramelised onions, brie, beetroot and plum sauce, served with a side of salted wedges

When this burger arrived it was huge. You are honestly surprised at how thick the burger patty was, which they make themselves. Also, you must have a big mouth if you can eat the whole burger with your hands. The wedges are also cut and cooked on site. The wedges are really nice and crisp but were slightly overseasoned for me. The burger itself was really good, nice and moist. The brie and caramelised onions were really nice and also was the plum sauce. The bun was toasted on the inside, which kept everything together. Overall a great burger.

This place was pumping for a weekday. With a lot of young mums and retired people. The cabinet food looks good and this place also has all day breakfast / Lunch menu. Previously I have had the Ice Coffees and Ice Mochas here and they are worth having a try. Also having a bowl of wedges at the same times never goes amiss.

Address: 61 Ottawa Rd, Ngaio, Wellington

Website: Cafe Villa