Buttercup organised a catchup with some of my old workmates that live in the area. I have not been to Elements for a while and I thought it was a good option to have a get-together there versus Maranui and Spruce Goose as I knew it would not be as busy. However, when I arrived it was busy but still manage to get a table.

Lambs Fry


Caramelised Onion, Free Range Bacon, Creamy Mushrooms, Ciabatta

Last time I was here, I ended up ordering something I usually do not order and I did it again (although I do live eating livers). When it arrived at the table, I did wonder if it would full me up as I was quite hungry. On the plate were two pieces of ciabatta toast, lambs liver, mushrooms, onion, and a piece of bacon. The livers and bacon were cooked nicely as were the mushrooms and onions. The cream sauce was great and bought everything together. After eating it though I was still hungry. I did wish the plate had another piece of toast so I could have soaked up all the cream sauce and that there was another piece of bacon as it was not enough to go around with the livers. A great dish, but would have been happy to pay a bit more to get more toast and bacon.

Flat White


The last time I was here, I was really disappointed with the coffee. However, this one was really good. Had a good body to it with a good balance between the coffee and the milk.

It was great to catch up and what was great about Elements was although we were there for over two hours they just filled up our water and didn’t really bothered us. Also, there is great natural light in this place with good service and good food and coffee. I did also want to attack the cabinet that was filled with some baked goods, but I restrained myself.

Address: 144 Onepu Rd, Lyall Bay, Wellington

Website: Elements Cafe