Besides catching up, this was the main reason for Sandy and me saw each other. I had seen an article come up on Broadsheet Melbourne regarding this Michelin Star awarded eatery/restaurant opening a franchised eatery in Melbourne. I saw that I was going to be in Melbourne after it opens and I asked if Sandy wanted to join. The place had only open for a few days and we were there lining up outside. It was so popular that we had to wait over one hour and 45 minutes to get our food, but was it all worth it?

Soya Sauce Chicken with Rice


Although I was disappointed with the amount of chicken on the plate. However, for $6.80 can you really complain. The rice was really nice with the soya sauce marinade on top. The chicken was really good, flavoursome and moist. What I thought was originally peanuts, were beans and they were also really good. Overall a great dish of soya sauce chicken especially for the price.

Roasted Pork with Rice Noodles


This was just unbelievably good. The rice noodles were really nicely cooked, being slightly firm in texture. Then you mix it with the sauce and the side of chilli sauce and you have a winner. The roast pork was really good as well with a very nice crisp crackling.  Oh, and the vegetable was really good, not overcooked, still crisp and also great with the sauce.

Char Siew Pork with Noodles


These noodles as well were really good and nicely cooked. Went really well with the sauce and the noodles were in really long strands. It also went really well with the chilli sauce. The char siew was very good. Had a nice slightly sticky crust on the pork, but was still moist and flavoursome.

Although I feel that this pass could improve on how they meet their customer’s needs. Sandy and I were both very impressed with this place. So good we were trying to plan our next respective visits. I was thinking of going the next day for breakfast as it opens at 10am. The food is cheap and for the price, the servings are good sizes. I recommend you bypass the rice dishes and either go with the rice noodles or just the normal noodles. Also, you may want to get two plates. One of each noodle is a good beat. You just need to decide on which meat.



So I went back for breakfast and arrived outside at 9.50. There was still a line but managed to get my food in under 30 minutes. I decided to go with the roast pork with rice noodles option and added chicken to the order. This was a great combination as the rice noodles soak up the sauce and also soaks up the oil from the sambal chilli. Then you add the meats and it is a great combination.

Address: 157 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Website: Hawker Chan