I always try to pass through this place when I am in Melbourne but have not done so recently due not being in the area when the Vic Markets are open. However, as I was staying on that side of town and had a few minutes to wait for the tram, I decided to get a Borek. Since I last there, there has been some new editions. Last time there was only Beef or Potato, but they have diversified and introduce some new flavours.

Chicken Borek


This came in a koru/spiral formation, instead of the just long piece of bread. Inside was chicken, mushroom and red peppers, all nicely cooked together and put inside nicely baked bread, which was not too thin or too thick. This was served hot, fresh out of the over and had a nice spice kick to it. Overall a really nice borek.

This place is always busy when I am here with people lining up and getting a borek and they make their borek fresh. Although this place serves cheap food it still makes some dam good stuff and a great place for a cheap eat obviously.

Previous Visit: March 2012

Address: 95 Elizabeth St & Victoria Street, Melbourne

Website: Borek Shop