I meet up with Danny and Sandy at the zoo and while we were there I asked Sandy to recommend another eatery for me to eat at. She suggested Brooklyn Depot and Danny said that I should try their onion rings. As it was a Sunday evening, when I entered this place was rather empty but this place was rated well on Tripadvisor and other websites. So I was not too worried. The menu is extensive and I did find it really hard to decide what to order.



Grass-fed beef patty, beef chilli, Amercian cheese, onion rings, chilli relish, choice of lethal injection hot sauce

I ordered this mainly because I wanted something spicy, so I requested the hot option. When it arrived, I was impressed there was a syringe on top of the burger with hot sauce. The bun was nicely grilled on the inside and nice and soft. the grass-fed beef patty was good but not served medium, which was stated on the menu. Also, there was some gristle in the patty. The beef chilli was nice, as was the onion ring, American cheese and chilli relish. However, I would have liked more cheese and the burger was not spicy at all and rather mild, which disappointed me.

Twice Cooked Onion Rings


Served with a side of Depot special sauce

Danny was right and these Onion rings were really nice. They were nice and crispy on the outside and the onion soft inside. The side sauce was really nice and reminded me of the McDonald’s Big Mac sauce but with finely chopped gherkins in it.

I am not sure if Danny and Sandy talked this place up, but I was only slightly impressed with this place. The onion rings were good and as the burger, but I have had better at other places and it didn’t blow me away. The service was really good and if you are looking for a good American style place to eat in Melbourne maybe this place is it.

Address: Shop 4/399 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Website: Brooklyn Depot