Was in Collingwood walking around the shops and decided to go to N. Lee Bakery for a Bahn Mi. The last time I went here was when I lived in Melbourne. I have missed a good Bahn Mi and was wanting a good one. I also looked online and found out this place was ranked highly for a Bahn Mi in Melbourne. The place is popular with locals with a line heading out the door.

Bahn Mi: Pork Loaf


Traditional Vietnamese Dressing Salad – comes with homemade butter, pate, carrot, cucumber, onion, coriander and sauce

I got this one with chilli and wow it packed a punch, so much that it slightly burnt my mouth. The roll was fresh and slightly crisp, but the filling was just so good. The combination of the butter, pate, carrot, cucumber, onion, coriander, sauce and the different slices of pork made this bahn mi so good. The carrot was pickled and gave some crunch as did the cucumber. The pate was so good. Overall a fantastic bahn mi.

Bahn Mi: Pork Belly with Crackling


The pork roll bahn mi was so good that an hour after eating the first one, I went back and got another one. This time, however, with pork belly with crackling. Again I asked for chilli in this one and it burnt my mouth even worse but was worth it. The pork belly was nice and warm and the crackling was good but not as crisp as it could be. That was also the same for my roll, as it was soft but still very fresh.  Again with the combination of the other ingredients in this bahn mi it was just another great cheapo eat.

I can see why this place is popular for their bahn mi. Everything is fresh and the rolls are just so good. The service is really good and generally really fast. Also, these rolls are really worth what you pay for. The pork roll was under $6 and the bell was under $8. However, if you go to one of their other places in the city, you will pay slightly more, but still well worth a visit.

Address: 220 Smith St, Collingwood, Melbourne