Was invited to have dinner with some friends that live in Melbourne. We had to have a slightly earlier dinner due to their young kids but I was all down for that as I just arrived in Melbourne that day. This place is a sushi train. However, there are also tables for larger groups where you can order off an iPad, also part of the restaurant is also a Japanese barbeque towards the back of the eatery.

Chicken Katsu Roll


This came out nice and warm, where the chicken was also still crisp. Really nice and fresh, with a nice teriyaki sauce on top.

Tempura Udon

This was really nice. The udon was nice and had a nice firm texture. The soup was good with bits of seaweed in it and the tempura was good.

Unagi Cream Cheese Roll


These were good. A loved the cream cheese mixed with the smoked fish and cucumber. A really nice sushi roll.


This got devoured by my friend’s daughter. She loved these. They were freshly made and had a nice filling. Also loved the thin layer of dried stuff on top.

Soft Shell Crab Roll


This was a really nice sushi roll. I loved the soft shell crab mixed with the cucumber, lettuce, and the sauce on the side. It worked really well together.


Good reliable dish. Can you really go wrong with these?

Smoked Duck Nigiri


I ordered this as it just seemed really interesting. The duck was really nicely smoked and had a good flavour. Add it to the rice and not a bad combination.

Beef Tataki


I just love rare beef and that was really nice. Nicely seasoned and went really well with the red onion.

Sashimi Delux


So this was fantastic. Everything on this plate was fresh. I had never tried raw scallop before and it was really nice. The difference between cooked and raw is the fishiness, there is just none there when it is raw. The tuna was also really nice and as too was the salmon, but it was not NZ salmon and just not as good. The kingfish was also really nice.

Overall this place is really good. It gets quite busy, but the service is good. Good to see the BBQ part is separated from the sushi train. Everything is made fresh and just really nice.

Address: Emporium, 295 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Website: Tetsujin