My friends have been talking about Lune and posting about it quite a lot recently, and since I had a bit of a craving for a good croissant, I decided to head to Lune and have some of their wonderful offerings. This place has a really good reputation and I did not feel guilty ordering two croissants to try even though it was just me eatting them. I love the open minimalist look of this place and how you can see the making of croissants and how the food is just laying on a bench waiting for you to order. It is just so Melbourne.


The Yo-yo


Passionfruit Custard, yo-yo sugar and passionfruit gel, finished with yo-yo biscuit and fresh passionfruit

FYI: If you do not have a knife, this is really hard to eat.

This was just so good. The croissant was nice and fluffy but crisp on the outside and the fresh passionfruit on top was great. Inside the passionfruit gel, which was like passionfruit custard was really good as well. Quite messy to eat because of the sugar but was worth it.

Coconut Pandan


A croissant with coconut chips on top with pandan and a coconut paste inside as well. When you bite into this, it is so crisp and crunchy and inside was this nice coconut paste. It was just so yummy and then you add the coconut chips on top and some pandan and you have a complete winner.

Coming back to this place a second time, I can see why this place is popular with Melbourne people and tourist. The quality of the croissants is unbelievable and really nice. I still have not tried just their standard croissant but their other varieties I just could not pass. Also, they make an ice cream sandwich which I will need to try when I next go back. Also, I discovered they are now open every day. Wednesday and Thursday it is takeaway with the hole in the wall only and the other days the eatery is open.

Previous Visits: August 2016

Address: 119 Rose St, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Website; Lune Croissanterie – Melbourne