Meet up with Sandy and she wanted to find somewhere to sit and feed here little man. So I suggested we try doughboys which were kind of close to where we were. The place is quite small with limited seating but they make their doughnuts on site. However, they also have some outside seating which was good.

French Toast


Maple Double Glaze with French Toast Crumb and Cinnamon Snow

Although this doughnut does not look as appealing compared to the other doughnuts, this was actually really nice. You could really taste the maple and the cinnamon. A great concept that worked.

Lemon Cheesecake Meringue


Lemon Curd with Toasted Meringue and Cream Cheese

This tasted as good as it looked. The lemon curd was nice and tart and then you had the meringue to tone it down. Then inside the doughnut a really nice cream cheese filling inside. A really good doughnut.

Overall very good doughnuts. However, I did try Shortstop Doughnuts last time I was in Melbourne and actually preferred them better. Also Sandy ordered a coffee and it did not look right. The milk started separating as it was over down and apparently did not taste as good.

Address: 535 Bourke St, Melbourne

Website: Doughboys Doughnuts