Somehow the planet’s aligned and Pappa Bear, Brother Bear and his family and I manage to be in the same city on the same day. So Pappa Bear took us out for dinner and Brother Bear organised where to go. I was slightly surprised that Brother Bear chose this place as Pappa Bear doesn’t like pasta or pizza but he did because he and his family were sick of Chinese food.

Before I talk about the food. I was really impressed that they gave some pizza dough to my Brother Bear’s Cubs and they then kneaded their dough and the restaurant then cooked it in their pizza oven and then gave it back to the whole table to eat. My nephews really enjoyed this activity. Well, one did and the other used it as a road for his cars or pretended to get his car stuck in the mud.

Alla Margarita

Although this was for the Cubs, I did manage to get a piece. I was surprised though to see fresh tomatoes on top of the pizza. That aside, this was a really good pizza. Loved the bigger pieces of bocconcini cheese, lovely pieces of fresh basil and the pieces of tomatoes were sweet. I different kind of margarita but still very good.

Al Salmone

This pizza was presented really nicely with a good amount of green leaves on top. Big slices of smoked salmon with generous spoonfuls of cream cheese. Overall a good pizza but maybe the pieces of cream cheese could have been smaller and spread out more generously around the pizza.

Overall a really good place for a meal. I also tasted the Seared Calamari, which was really nice and should be shared between more than two people. The Lamb Cutlets were really nice and really liked the kumara mash and red cabbage. The Penne Carbonara was really good and was really flavoursome from the pan-fried pancetta. Finally, the Pan-Friend Seafood salad looked fantastic and loaded with seafood. The service was really good and it seemed that a lot of locals visited this place regularly. A great place for kids.

Address: 63 Davis Cres, Newmarket, Auckland