Saw on Instagram that Little Penang was going to add Hainanese Chicken Rice on their for one day but only at their new Terrace eatery. Since I had not been down there, I decided to go and give their Hainanese Chicken Rice a try.

Hainanese Chicken Rice


As this arrived on my table, it was great to see the size/amount of chicken that was on the plate and that it was separate from everything else. I also liked that there was some ginger in the sauce dish and they also had the typical chilli sauce you get with the dish.  The chicken was cooked really nicely and it was really nice to get a garlic hit from the tiny sprinkles of garlic that was on top of the chicken. The rice was really nice and me being me, I just dumped both sauces on top of my rice instead of dipping chicken into them. Overall this was a great chicken dish.

Apparently, this might just become a permanent fixture on their menu at Little Penang and I hope it does. Also, I could not believe how busy this place is during lunch. However, the food is cheap and you get a good portion. Not sure when I will get back to this Little Penang but I do visit the other regularly.

Previous Visits: May 2015, March 2016

Address: 44 The Terrace, Wellington

Facebook Page: Little Penang