Decided to go to Food Alley for a cheapish lunch. I decided not to go to my usual Malaysian stall but instead decided to try this place as someone told me that they did a good chicken rice.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

I am a sucker for chicken rice and I was deciding if I try this or another of their chicken dishes, but I thought I would try the basic one first. When it arrived I was surprised that all the bones had been taken away from the chicken and hardly any skin was on it either. There was also pickle cabbage and carrot on the side and the chilli sauce had a yellow colour to it. The soup was nice and actually tasted it was made from stock, not a packet. The chilli sauce although yellow was good but needed a bit more of a punch. The pickled vege was good but interesting for the dish. The chicken was a real disappointment and looked like it had been boiled several times and overcooked.

Overall I do not think I will go back to this stall especially because there are so many different ones to visit. Although it was not at all expensive, I still think the quality of it could have been better. A real shame.

Address: Food Alley – 1010, 9 Albert St, Auckland

Facebook Page: The Chicken Station