Found myself looking for food for myself and my crew. We had just finished going and watching a church service and needed to find somewhere to eat. Had a look at Tripadvisor and found out that this place is rated number one for eateries on the island and it was open on a Sunday. When we arrived, this place was busy. It is all outside seating with some shade from umbrellas and trees overlooking one of the inlets that open to the ocean where the Cook Island Maoris left for the journey to New Zealand. It is absolutely a beautiful view to have a lunch at.



Seared Tuna with Lime Mayo

This was a beautiful sandwich but very hard to eat. The fish was sliced into smallish pieces and unfortunately kept coming out on the other side. However, the fish was fresh and pan fried nicely. The bread was focaccia and was nice and soft. The vegetables on lettuce and tomato were really good and the lime mayonnaise tied everything well together. A really nice sandwich



Crumbed Mahi with Lime Mayo

This was big and filled with three pieces of nicely deep-fried fish. The fish was nicely crumbed and had a really good crunch with the fish inside were fresh and flakey. Also in the sandwich was pieces of tomato and lettuce with a helping of lime mayonnaise. Again the bread was nice fresh but this sandwich compared to the other was easier to eat.

I can see why everyone likes this place. The food is cheap, fresh and they are generous with their serving sizes. Plus they catch their fish daily. The service is good and fast. The only problem with the focaccia bread is that it is so soft that it is hard to keep the fillings in the sandwiches.  Also if you are not a fish lover there are other other sandwich options you can choose from and be prepared to love the view.

Address: Avana Fishing Club near, Ngatangiia District, Cook Islands

Facebook Page: The Mooring Fish Cafe