Last day in Rarotonga and we decided to visit the township of Muri and look around. I actually realised how small it is and that it is there due to the lagoon and the tourist spots have built around that. However, it was time for lunch and we decided to try this place out. It is also ranked number two for eateries in Raro and number one in Muri. The place is divided in two with a burger kitchen and then to the right is a bar that sells alcoholic, milkshakes and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Vili Cheese


Beef, Cheese, Gherkins, Special Sauce

This burger is totally different to Palace Takeaways. The bun was really nice and the patty was cooked really nicely. A good helping of special sauce and a good amount of gherkins. It tasted really nice and fresh and although it had not vegetables inside that was fine. A really good fresh burger.



These were really nice. The oil tasted fresh and the chips had a good crunch. A good seasoning, a shame though that they dod not come with a complimentary sauce. You had to pay two dollars extra if you wanted tomato sauce or three if you wanted their special sauce.

Overall a really nice burger. Although there was no salad inside the burger, I would say it is healthier than Palace Takeaways. The beef patties were moist and soft and did not have a crispness/crunch to them. This place gets busy and there were people like us waiting outside for it to open as we arrived slightly early and they opened slightly later than advertised (island time). However, it is busy with tourist not locals compared to Palace Burger. What is my pick? I actually cannot decide. You just have to try them both. Also, I love how there are no fast food chains in Raro and you get to eat these burgers which are just so much better and less plastic.

Address: Ngatangiia District, Cook Islands

Facebook Page: Vili’s Burger Joint