A local told me about this place and encouraged that I try it. It is a little takeaway shop that is just outside of the main town Avarua heading to the airport. All the seating is outside and is a nice place to eat on a non-raining day. When I went it was filled with locals wanting to get a burger.



Didn’t know what I was getting myself into when ordering this burger and just went with it and when it came out I was gobsmacked with the locals laughing at me. However, I was up for the challenged. I couldn’t manage to take a bite of the whole burger as it was big as anything. Also, the button bun was soaking up a lot of the juices from the coleslaw. So I manage to split it in between the top bun and bottom but and then eat it. Overall this was a damn good burger. The fried egg was lovely and fresh. The coleslaw was good and they use a good tomato sauce. The patty was so good with the outside having a really good crunch and the inside still slightly pink with juices falling out. I loved this burger.

WetBurger with Cheese


This is a secret menu option. It is a cheeseburger wrapped in tinfoil when it is ready and not the easiest thing to it as the burger is drenched in a white sauce of some sort. However, this is an amazing burger. I think the white sauce has some coconut cream in it. A great fusion burger.

Firstly, I can see why this place is so busy plus it is cheap to eat there but there can be a bit of a wait for food. The burgers start at $5 and apparently, they have deals like two for one burger on a Wednesday. The patties are so good because I think it is cooked in so much fat/oil. Also just watch out for the chickens waiting for you to drop your food.

Address: Ara Tapu, Avarua District, Cook Islands

Facebook Page: Palace Takeaways