Some of my work colleagues have talked about this place and said that I should give it a try. So I was travelling around Tawa and decided to pop in and give this place a try and buy some for afternoon tea for some friends. It is slightly hard to find as this place is actually inside a bar (thank god for Google maps) and has a cabinet filled with doughnuts. There are numerous different kinds and I thought I would out three.

Glazed Doughnut


The stock standard doughnut. What I really appreciated about this doughnut was that it was too sweet and was quite easy to eat. The glaze was really nice and the doughnut was fresh. The only problem was that it was still quite oily and I would have appreciated the doughnuts to be shaken a bit more just after they have been fried.

Maple and Bacon Doughnut


This is one of the best food combinations ever: Bacon and Maple syrup. This doughnut had a good amount of chopped bacon but did wish it was all over the doughnut just on one side. The maple glaze was good but would have liked more of a maple syrup flavour to the glaze. Overall, a good doughnut though.

Bounty Bar Doughnut


I also love the combination of chocolate and coconut. It is just soo good. I did not know that this doughnut would have a filling inside, and what I found was this coconut butter kind of filling. The chocolate glaze on top was nice and thick and had a great flavour. Overall, this was my favourite doughnut of the day.

So, another outlet selling doughnuts in Wellington. However, they are way out in Tawa. I would say though, that these are damn good doughnuts. They are of a good size and the dough is really nice. The only downside would be that they are slightly on the oily side. Would I have these again? Yes. Would I travel all the way to Tawa to have them? Not really, but if I was ever in that area, I wouldn’t say no to dropping in and buying one.

Address: 209 Main Rd, Tawa, Wellington

Facebook Page: Fryday Donuts